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Why Us?

The Kettle Fresh Fudge Difference

  • Our fudge mix includes only high-quality premium ingredients

  • We carry all of the inclusions, flavorings, production items, utensils, and marketing materials needed to operate a complete fudge business

  • We don't have independent sales reps that work on commission.  You purchase direct from the manufacturer cutting out the middleman thus saving you money

  • Potassium Sorbate is included in every batch of our fudge mix.  There's no need to purchase it or add it separately

  • Converting to our product requires no additional equipment or training.  Our fudge mix works perfectly in your existing kettle

  • Easier to use: we now package the fudge in a single part mix, making it simpler to produce with less steps.  No sacrifice in quality or taste, just a simplified process.

  • Pre-measured vanilla cups are included in each case of our fudge mix.  There's no need to purchase it separately

  • Excellent Customer Service, the friendliest and most efficient in the industry, HANDS DOWN!


 Quality Ingredients • Superior Customer Service • Fair Pricing

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Customers who have used Kettle Fresh Fudge have loved the improved quality, increased shelf life, easier to use system and lower cost

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