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Starting from the beginning?

Let us build a package for you.  Average cost is under $12K, with enough product included so that the system pays for itself with the first order!

Kettle Fresh Fudge makes it easy to get your fudge program up and running!  We sell everything you need to operate your fudge shop: from our fudge mixes to our kettle and everything in between.  We offer a large variety of fudge inclusions such as caramel, specialty slabs, fruit mashes, flavorings, and raw nuts.  We also carry fudge making utensils, equipment, and supplies including fudge pans, mixing bowls, spatulas, scales, and much, much more!  We have you covered with packaging supplies in many different sizes, along with signage and merchandising materials.

Here's some items a package could include:

Fudge Kettle

Designed by Savage Brothers exclusively for Kettle Fresh Fudge


Includes enough product to generate over $12,000 in finished fudge sales
  • Chocolate Fudge Mix
  • Plain Fudge Mix
  • Slabs, fruit mashes, liquid flavorings, nuts, colorings, and more! 


Fudge pans, mixing bowls, spatulas, pan liners, signage, measuring cups and spoons, scale, serving utensils, retail boxes, and much more
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