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Pecan Pralines

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Pecan Pralines are a creamy candy combination of fresh pecans cooked with butter, sugar, and cream.  Pralines originated in the southern United States but are now enjoyed everywhere.  

Pralines are a craft candy traditionally made by only the most skilled candy makers.  However, Kettle Fresh Fudge has developed a mix that allows you to easily and consistently produce these delicious treats in the same equipment you already use to make our fudge.  


The cooking process is similar to making fudge:  Start by adding butter and water to the kettle then add the Cream Mix.  After the Cream Mix is blended you add the included pecans, the Praline Mix, and the liquid flavoring.  When complete, they are scooped out of the kettle and allowed to cool overnight.  

Customers have many options on how to merchandise the product. Some will choose to sell by the individual praline, and others by the pound. We love how they look stacked together on a tray next to a slab of fudge, but we are happy to discuss what display options work best with your business.

Finished Praline Cost: $0.71 - $0.96 per 2.5 to 3.5-oz serving

Recommended SRP: $3.00 - $4.00

Don't want to make the pralines yourself? Buy them pre-made! 

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