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Fudge Mix

Let Kettle Fresh Fudge take away the guess work in fudge making.  Our gourmet fudge mix is specially formulated so that anyone can make delicious fudge with little experience.  Simply add water and butter along with our mix to your kettle.  After the timer rings, pour the ready fudge out to blend with your inclusions to create over a hundred different recipes from our two base mixes.

Premium Ingredients:  The Kettle Fresh Fudge mix consistently produces smooth, creamy, delicious fudge that melts in your mouth

Easy to Use:  We package the fudge in a single-step mix, making it easier to produce with less steps. It disperses quickly, with little scraping or mixing by hand.  Pre-measured vanilla flavoring and potassium sorbate included at no extra charge -- no measuring or need to buy extra ingredients

.What is Included?  Each case has a typical yield of six 6-lb slabs of finished fudge with inclusions.  The 28-lb case contains six bags weighing 4 2/3-lb each, and 2 vanilla flavor cups.  All you need to provide is water and butter

Finished fudge costs between $0.55 and $0.75 per 1/4 lb. servings, depending on the flavor and the inclusions

.Varieties of Mix Offered: 

 Plain, Chocolate, Penuche, Sugar-Free Chocolate

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