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About Us


In 2011, The Nutty Bavarian developed its fudge program in response to customer requests.  With our 25 years of candy making experience, we developed a brand-new fudge mix.  Adding a high-volume automated production line and partnering with a candy equipment manufacturer, our team developed a state-of-the-art fudge kettle, and created new point of purchase marketing materials.  Soon, we began stocking all the inclusions and packaging materials needed to produce over one hundred different recipes of freshly made fudge.  The response has been phenomenal as hundreds of customers switched to our fudge program or added a new fudge program to their locations.

Kettle Fresh Fudge mix is a return to the basics.  Only the
purest ingredients are used.  David Brent, President of The Nutty Bavarian, began experimenting with fudge
recipes with the help of an award-winning confectionery chef from Miami, Florida.  Upon perfection of a formula, David consulted with food scientists to perfect a mix that would easily go into solution and consistently produce perfect fudge.  The unique characteristics of Kettle Fresh Fudge mix can be easily seen even before you add product to the kettle. Part 1 contains more solids which allows it to go into the solution easily without stopping and scraping.  The fudge flavoring is pre-measured and included with every case.  Real chunks of chocolate, which give our fudge its rich flavor, can be seen in each bag. Potassium sorbate, a critical mold inhibitor, is included - thereby avoiding measurement mistakes.​


About Us
The Nutty Bavarian focuses on keeping costs down and passing on the lower overhead to its customers.  Shipping to customers around the world from its efficient, 16,000+ square foot facility in Sanford, FL, The Nutty Bavarian has been  praised in Packaging World magazine for its state-of-the-art facility.  As a major distributor of nuts and candy, we can provide you with all of the inclusions, flavorings and slabs needed to make over a hundred different recipes at extremely competitive pricing.  The Nutty Bavarian is truly a one stop shop for all your fudge making needs.

Kettle Fresh Fudge will also help you with your merchandising and point of purchase materials.  With experience from a
thousand successful customers in the candy business, we can help you organize your displays to maximize your sales. 

There are no franchise fees involved making it very affordable to open a new business.

We are a complete end to end company:

  1. Manufacturer of equipment for candy/snack vendors

  2. Packager of raw ingredients for candy making equipment

  3. Distributor of finished candies

  4. Provider of marketing/merchandising support for candy stores

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